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A premade cover is a cover with an illustration already created for which you can personalise the texts (title, subtitle, author's name...).

This cover is unique and will only be sold one time.

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The cover with personalised text at the desired dimensions

Simple cover + the cover with the back & spine, personalised text at the desired dimensions

En cm ou en px

Facebook banner + a post image

Double-sided bookmark template

Order total:

Don't forget to mention the title of your book and the author name (and if you want other texts).

You want the simple cover :

By default, I propose 2 formats : Ebook 6×9 : 1800 x 2700px and A4 2480 x 3508px, RGB, 300 ppi, JPG format but which can be modified if necessary (indicate it in “Desired dimensions”).
Font type, position and text colors can be changed for free upon request.

You want the full cover
  • If you already know the dimensions, you can specify them or send me the template directly via the contact form.
  • If not, you can use the cover calculator on Amazon to create the template we will need.
    You can then send me the generated template via the contact form.
Options available
  • Social Media Kit including a Facebook Banner (851px x 315px 72ppi) + a square post image (1080px x 1080px 72ppi)
  • A template of a double-sided bookmark (50.80×152.40mm 300ppi). Specify if you want another dimension.

More complex modifications may require an extra cost : remove/add/change model/objects/background...
Please contact me before ordering.

This cover is unique and will only be sold one time.
The price takes into account the time spent on the cover, its complexity and the price of the software/materials used (I pay for Photoshop and the photos used).

License to use

  • Thank you in advance for putting my name (Mylène Charpentier) as the cover artist on or in the book.
  • If I create the complete cover, I will put my name on the back, please do not erase it.
  • The use of the cover is limited to the buyer only for his book and its promotion.
  • You don't have the right to resell the cover itself to a third party.
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